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Social media and online marketing is a constantly evolving field, with new information, tools, and networks appearing all the time. Let Jenuine Marketing take away the stress of keeping up-to-date with the current trends, so that you can focus on what makes your business great. When it comes to online marketing, I can advise you, teach you, or do it for you.

  • How to e-tell your story

    Connecting via e-newsletters

    ~ Advice on choosing the best email management system for your needs

    ~ Customized templates that fit with your company’s brand

    ~ Importing contacts and setting up systems to capture new email addresses

    ~ Create, edit and send e-newsletters

    ~ Learn how to send engaging content

  • Let's get social

    Sharing via social media

    ~ Analysis of your current social media channels and advice on which social media networks work best for you

    ~ Customized plan that details what, when and where to share content

    ~ Guest posting, based on keywords and important topics relevant to your industry

  • Campaigns take flight

    Promotions, contests & more

    ~ Launching a new product, throwing an event, planning a contest? Let’s get you a plan!

    ~ Creation and implementation of social media marketing campaigns, contests and promotions

    ~ Analysis and reporting of key metrics

  • Home base

    a.k.a. your website

    ~ Maintenance and little tweaks to keep your website up-to-date

    ~ Improve your reach and rankings by making sure your website is well-connected

    ~ Analysis and reporting of key metrics

    ~ Basic WordPress installation and customization

  • Online marketing, demystified

    Moving from technical mystery to marketing clarity

    ~ One-on-one coaching to help owners/CEO’s/managers understand the basics of online marketing, as it pertains to your business

    ~ Advice on who should be responsible for the different elements of online marketing

  • Social media aligned

    Getting your team on board and your efforts in sync

    ~ Training for your staff, to help them be part of the process

    ~ Customized social media policy to help ensure your staff has fun and keeps the sharing in-line with your company’s brand and values

  • Storytelling re-imagined

    Creating compelling content to tell your story well – it’s all just your amazing story, packaged in a different box.

    ~ Press-releases

    ~ Business cards

    ~ Online ads

    ~ Brochures and flatsheets

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