Facebook timeline for pages on the way

We all love Facebook. It is where we post our pictures, spy on our friends’ lives, send messages, and respond to events. But there is also a lot of discontent with Facebook, for many reasons, one of which is the constant updates and changes to the way Facebook looks and operates.

Facebook CartoonThe newest proposed change (see, sometimes Facebook gives advance notice!) is the roll-out of the “timeline” layout for pages, with March 30th scheduled as the day when it all goes down.

The two most important things for businesses:

  1. The custom welcome landing tabs will no longer have the same impact, as users will automatically be taken to the timeline page. Viewing the welcome tab will require users to actually locate and click on the tab.
  2. Time to make another Photoshop image – the suggested size for Facebook cover photos is 850px wide by 315px high.

Are you excited about the change? Have you already switched your business pages over to the timeline view?

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