Have you tried out the new Facebook Pages app? For anyone who manages at least one Facebook page, this is a great addition, and even better for those of us who manage multiple pages. But it does have its limitations…

So what can you actually do with this app? Well, you can:

  • View page posts and filter them to show either only the page’s posts, or everyone’s posts
  • Like and comment on the page’s posts
  • Write a new post or share a photo
  • View a list of the people and pages who like the page
  • See new notifications
  • View a list of admins associated with the page
  • And the most important thing is the ability to view a simplified insights overview for the page

And the limitations?

  •  Much of what you can do with this app, you can also do on the regular Facebook mobile app (provided you have set up your page correctly), such as writing new posts, sharing photos and liking and commenting on posts
  • While you are able to view a list of page admins, you can’t change their authorizations or add or delete admins. Clicking on an individual admin simply takes you to their Facebook profile on the main Facebook app
  • The insights provided are very simple compared to the advanced insights available on the web version

So what do you think of the new Facebook pages app?

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