Canyon - Crossing the Divide

Some companies find that the people who interact with their brand online are not actively consuming their products and services. And other companies are unsure of how to engage their paying customers online, in order to keep them informed and increase sales. So how do you bridge the gap?

For those companies looking to encourage their online followers to purchase their products and services, here are some suggestions:

  • Share information about new products and services on your online channels, so that your followers are the first to know
  • Provide a coupon that is exclusive to your online audience
  • Consider using a coupon service such as Groupon
  • Use all of the analytics tools available to examine your online audience – perhaps you are posting the wrong content at the wrong times, and missing the opportunity to motivate your followers to purchase

And here are some ideas for companies looking how to engage customers online:

  • Make a sign asking people to follow the company on Twitter, FB, FourSquare, etc. and place it in a visible spot, such as at the cash register, in the store-front window, or on the reception desk
  • Either speak to or send an email at the end of each completed transaction requesting customers and clients to review your product or service on Yelp, TripAdvisor, their blog (with a backlink), LinkedIn, or to submit a testimonial for publishing on your website. You could even offer a small discount for the first time a person submits a review
  • Make sure that your business cards, invoices and receipts all have your company’s online channels (such as website, email, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc.) and use a branded URL ( rather than
  • When people give you their business card, enter the email address into your email database so that your new contacts will receive your next e-newsletter (just make sure that your e-newsletter disclaimer clearly states why they are receiving the email)

Do you have any other suggestions?

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