What’s in a name?

Names are important. As parents, we agonize about this first crucial decision-making event – after all, you’re shaping the foundation of another human’s life. You pour over baby books, looking for hidden meanings, wondering if you should bestow courage or wisdom or gentleness… So we all start life with a name that others have chosen […]

Going Bi-Coastal

So the big move has happened; I have officially relocated from the West Coast to the East Coast. I’ve been fortunate enough to retain some of my Western clients, through the wonders of email and Skype. I’m loving being four hours ahead of my Western clients, since when I send them deliverables at 10 a.m., […]

Fav Webinars

I don’t know about you, but lately my email inbox has been filling up with lots of messages telling me about upcoming webinars. I used to just click delete because I would much rather scroll quickly through a written post than listen to someone drone on. But then I actually watched one. And the funny […]

5 Reasons Why TweetDeck is a Great Twitter Tool

When I first started on Twitter back in 2008, I viewed all Tweets within the Twitter interface. Then, I got hooked on HootSuite, especially when I started managing multiple Twitter accounts. I’m still a paying subscriber to HootSuite and love using the cute little Hootlet add-on to easily share interesting URL’s on Twitter. But something […]