For small to medium sized business owners and CEOs, Jenuine Marketing is the social media marketing firm that provides the knowledge and insight necessary for effectively integrating social media into existing marketing efforts – delivered with a customized approach and a personal touch.

Services: Let’s Get to Work!

  • How to e-tell your story

    Connecting via e-newsletters

  • Let's get social

    Sharing via social media

  • Campaigns take flight

    Promotions, contests & more

  • Home base

    a.k.a. your website

  • Online marketing, demystified

    Moving from technical mystery to marketing clarity

  • Social media aligned

    Getting your team on board and your efforts in sync

  • Storytelling re-imagined

    Creating compelling content to tell your story well – it’s all just your amazing story, packaged in a different box.

More Info About Services

We are very happy with what Jenuine Marketing did for us. There is no way that we could have got anything organised with Twitter and Facebook whilst opening the store.
Miranda Foord Owner, Peak Performance Whistler